About therapy

Jung taught that each of us has a unique self which is trying to unfold. Jung also taught that when that unfolding is blocked we may become anxious, or depressed or angry; we may have trouble in our relationships, our work, or our creativity.

Everyone needs someone to talk to but you may not feel you can talk to a family member or a friend. Or perhaps you don’t know what to talk about but you know something is holding you back.

You and I together develop a caring, engaged and insightful dialogue which will help you first to understand where you are blocked and then to overcome your blocks.

We talk about the important events of your week and your feelings about them. Also about the thoughts and feelings which emerge in the session. Your dreams can help you to see what you are missing and how you could do things differently. Jung gave much importance to dream analysis.

Through our work, you can expect to feel happier and more fulfilled in your relationships, in your job and in your creative life.

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