Group therapy in New York City

Therapy in a group gives you a safe, sensitive community of peers who you meet each week. It is very helpful for relationships. By relating in the room you have fun together and, at the same time, learn more successful behavior because you get immediate feedback and encouragement from your peers. You can also discuss your friendships and intimate relationships. If you want more community, this may be ideal for you.The group also gives you support for issues of career and creativity.You may fear that the group will hurt or disappoint the way your own family did. But the group is an accepting, enjoyable ‘family’ circle which promotes growth, very different from a dysfunctional family.Everyone is encouraged to be themselves: there is no right way to be, but rather an appreciation of differences. Adults of any age and any sexual orientation are welcome. The main requirements are wanting to know yourself better and being willing to attend regularly.

I’m a senior Jungian analyst who has been running ongoing, successful therapy groups in New York City for more than 20 years. For more than 25 years I’ve been teaching popular classes on psychology for which the group process is very important. You can listen to recordings of some of these classes online if you wish.

Groups meet online for now. One group will likely resume in person when the virus danger is resolved . To find out more, please email me (see main menu for contact details).