Student evaluations of my teaching

Student evaluations of classes on Jungian psychology and related subjects

I loved this class. I didn’t know what to expect at first but I am so glad I had this experience. Max is a perfect instructor for this class. The class is so much fun and Max’s gentle way of handling personal issues that arise from people’s painting just makes the experience even better. My only criticism is that the class is too short – it should be a ten week class so that those of us for whom painting is new can continue to have the experience in a group format …

This class exceeded my expectations – in a very warm environment, I learned to think in a new and quite meaningful way thanks to Max’s instruction and incredible insight.

It was wonderful. I kept speaking about it to other people in my life and encouraging them to take it if it is offered again. I also eager to continue painting as an inroad into the unconscious.

I greatly enjoyed the tales, the group dynamic, and it had the right amount of instruction/prodding that allowed us to explore on our own.

Liked the relaxed, contemplative atmosphere.

Great way of covering the material – you have a great style of allowing the context to be expanded upon – open minded and critical at the same time. Very interesting, insightful, and fun. Thanks.

The group discussions were particularly high-level: Max’s guidance always just right.

[I valued most] the variety of fairy tales/legends and the in-class exploration of symbols and meaning. Spontaneity of class discussing.

[The quality of content was] wonderful. This class was very helpful for me both in my work as a therapist as well as personally due to the in-depth discussion of symbols/reflection.

I like the open-ended format.

[My expectations were] more than fulfilled – exceeded – much to my surprise.

[I valued most] learning to connect, on a deep psychological level, the course material to both day life and dreams.

There was nothing that did not have value – I loved a tremendous amount.

[Content was] challenging.

I enjoyed the class very much – enjoyable and very informative. Maxson, thank you very much for being yourself.
P.S. I like the group scenario.

Max was fabulous – so patient and insightful. Loved the time spent here.

This course offered more than I expected.
Max’s selection of readings for this class were very insightful, especially when accompanied by his thoughtful and deep understanding of each candidate’s presentations. Max is a gifted teacher. We are very lucky to have him on staff.

Learned to appreciate von Franz analyzing tales = revelatory of process of analysis.
Richly detailed; finally I have a good understanding of archetypes, especially animus; useful in analyzing dreams; reading fairy tales much more exciting to me now – I’m seeing them everywhere (in stories of patients, for example); helped me to get out of my head and into the belly – really appreciate the Maori tales and “Strange Things” tales – exuberance, like dancing! Thank you! Non-threatening atmosphere. Easy to talk.

This is a fine course – full of revelations. The materials chosen are eclectic and the whole sensibly buttressed by von Franz’s wisdom and insights. I have been most impressed in this course and in others by Dr McDowell’s style of teaching. He is unassuming but deeply insightful, maintaining a balance between intellectual fastidiousness and creativity, encouraging participation but never losing sight of overall goals.

This course more than fulfilled my expectations in that it deepened my understanding of Jungian psychoanalytic principles and gave me an approach to take toward fairy tales as symbolic of different aspects of human psyche.
The way the course was conducted, its atmosphere, allowed me not only to explore the tales through the Jungian lens but also to explore myself – so that I feel I have deepened and solidified self-awareness and confidence. A remarkable and enriching experience.