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Anxiety at being individual: Sinuhe.
The man who bought a dream (Japan).
Jung’s Red Book.
Active imagination using paints.
Active imagination: von Franz.
Active imagination: Jung, 2 essays.
Active imagination: Jung, Vol 16.
Duang and his wild wife.
Janet and Tam Lin.
The woman who became a spider.
Island of the serpent: facing the unconscious.
The tale of the two brothers.
Link page.
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The three carnations.
Eye-contact, complex dynamic systems, a direct cause of autism.
Online audio class: introduction.
Enter online classroom.
Kae and the whale.
The eagle-boy.
Students’ comments.
Autism’s direct cause? Biological Theory, MIT Press..
Online dream interpretation group for therapists..
Battle of Birds – interpreted..
Understanding Jung: basic concepts. Rona plus interpretation, brief version.
Maui and Tuna (interpreted).
Woman who became a spider.
Woman, lake and skull.
Myth of Fuusai.
Girl watched in night.
Man bought dream.
Sedna – no interpretation.
Diirawic – no interpretation.
Kae – no interpretation.
Janet – no interpretation.
Island of serpent – no interpretation.
Sinuhe – no interpretation.
Woman & lake spirit – no interpretation.
Hinauri – No interpretation.
Island serpent – class discussion.
Diirawic – class discussion.
Woman, lake spirit, skull – class discussion .
Audio-recordings of discussion classes .
Indescribable beauty and the devil’s daughter – audio recording.
To contact me .
Hinauri finds her second husband – read.
Maui and death.
The magic orange tree.
The power of the Great Mother.
Sahin (Dominatrix).
Redefine mental illness.
Bushman myths & consciousness.
Meeting the animus.
Hina and the eel.
Theory . Classes given.
Lectures described.
Student’s evaluations.
Copyright and fair use.
The three gorillas .