Jung Lexicon, A Primer of Terms & Concepts, by Daryl Sharp

Copyright 1991, all rights reserved.

The Jung Lexicon is by courtesy of Daryl Sharp, Inner City Books. Paperback: $18.00. See amazon.com or BookWorld 1-800-444-2524.”CW” refers to Jung’s Collected Works. For titles of individual volumes see Bibliography.

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Abaissement du niveau mental, Abreaction, Abstraction, Active imagination, Adaptation, Affect, Ambivalence, Amplification, Analysis Jungian, Anima,Animus, Anthropos

Apotropaic, Apperception, Archaic, Archetype, Archetypal image, Assimilation, Association, Attitude, Autonomous, Auxiliary function, Axiom of Maria

Cathartic method, Causal, Child, Circumambulation, Collective, Collective unconscious, Compensation, Complex

Concretism, Conflict, Coniunctio, Consciousness, Constellate, Constructive Countertransference, Crucifixion

Depotentiate, Depression, Differentiation, Dissociation, Dreams

Ego Emotion, Empathy, Enantiodromia, Energic, Eros, Extraversion

Fantasy, Father complex, Feeling, Feminine, Final, Fourth function, Function

Hero, Homosexuality, Hostile brothers, Hysteria

Identification, Image primordial, Imago, Incest, Individual, Individualism, Individuality, Individuation, Inferior function, Inflation, Instinct, Introjection,Introspection, Introversion, Intuition, Irrational


Libido, Logos, Loss of soul

Mana-personality, Mandala, Masculine, Mechanistic, Meditation, Mother complex, Motif, Myth

Negative inflation, Neurosis, Night sea journey, Nigredo, Numinous

Objectivation, Objective level, Objective psyche, Opposites, Orientation

Parental complex, Participation mystique, Persona, Personal unconscious, Personality, Personification, Philosophers’ stone, Possession, Power complex

Prima materia, Primary function, Primitive, Primordial image, Progression, Projection, Provisional life, Psyche, Psychic energy, Psychization, Psychogenic,Psychoid, Psychological types, Psychopomp, Psychosis, Puer aeternus


Rapport, Rational, Rebirth, Reductive, Reflection, Regression, Regressive restoration of the persona, Religious attitude, Repression

Sacred marriage, Sacrifice, Schizophrenia, Self, Self-regulation of the psyche, Sensation, Shadow, Soul, Soul-image, Spirit, Splitting

Subjective level, Subjective psyche, Subtle body, Superior function, Supraordinate personality, Symbiosis, Symbol, Synchronicity, Synthetic

Temenos, Tertium non datur, Thinking, Transcendent function, Transference, Transformation, Trauma, Treasure hard to attain, Trickster, Type, Typology

Unconscious, Unconsciousness, Union of opposites, Unus mundus

Wholeness, Will, Wise old man, Word Association Experiment, Wounded Healer