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Max McDowell PhD, LP is a board member and past
President of the C.G. Jung Foundation in New York.

Jungian therapy/analysis:

Therapy helps your relationships, your friendships, and your career. Jungian therapy also helps your creative work by helping you relate to the unconscious. In an engaged, caring dialogue, you and I together explore feelings, thoughts and memories which get in your way. I am specially qualified to help you to interpret your dreams.

I have a special interest in treating injuries to self esteem in, for example, the daughters or sons of narcissistic mothers or fathers.

For the past 30 years I’ve practiced as a Jungian analyst in New York City with individuals, straight and gay, and couples. I lead an on-going therapy group. Most clients see me in-person but, for people who live in other parts of the US or in other countries, therapy can be effective by Skype or phone. Insurance may cover me as an out-of-network therapist.
Carl Jung taught that dreams and myths use the same symbolic language. With vivid illustrations, stories and podcasts I show that fairytales and legends anticipate therapy. A tale begins with boredom anxietydepression, or injured narcissism and ends by showing how these may heal.

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Gundestrup Cernunnos

Legends also show how a woman’s individuation may differ from aman’s.

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