To enter online classroom.

After you register

A week before class begins you will receive an “Online class” email from the Foundation.
Save this email, where you can find it.

To enter classroom

1. click on the link in the saved email

2. follow the directions

3. choose  your audio option

(Then, for USB mike/earphones or for built-in mike/speakers)

4. choose internal microphone or usb headset

(please use a headset! It will improve everyone’s experience, not just your own)

5. adjust your earphone or speaker volume; also adjust your microphone volume.

(Or, for telephone and computer screen)

6. choose “Use Telephone”

7. dial the number (given onscreen or in the email)

8. when prompted, enter access code and pin (both given onscreen)

(Then, for both computer mike and for phone users)

9. click on the “chat” icon.

In the “enter your message” space near the bottom of your screen
type “q”, chose “everyone” and click “send”.

10. Do not share your webcam.

To use USB mike/earphone headset with either Apple or PC.

Plug in the USB headset before connecting to the meeting. The headset should work automatically.

After you are connected to the meeting, if your USB headset does not work, unplug it, pause, and plug it back in. Your meeting software will ask if you want to start using the new audio hardware. Click “use new hardware”.

If your USB headset still does not work (and you know how to restart your computer): leave the USB headset plugged in, restart your computer, then rejoin the meeting. The USB headset will then work correctly.

For Apple computers, to avoid having to restart your computer, you can do the following: plug in the USB headset > go to the apple symbol in extreme top left corner of screen > system preferences >  sound > output > choose your brand of headset > adjust volume. Then > input > choose your brand of headset again > done! exit sound.

(The equivalent action on a PC does not always help).

In case of difficulty

Please contact me by email